Saturday, April 25, 2009

Age near forty

Today, I make a note that I think important. At the age of the 40-year, I face many challenges of life. Especially in his career, whether the monetary crisis which they say is still in progress and continue to be, or that of my age on like this .. I have many problems of his career. I work in a small company and small, with the core business-that he is also. I have led the company, but I feel satisfied I have not achieved? 

My children are great, I have feelings of fear. Afraid to imagine, if the life of this family will be better in the future?

I always pray to God, so I was given instructions. How do I manage this feeling of fear. I want free, so it does not become a burden in my mind.

Do I feel this will happen to everyone? I do not know .. I only hope that I be quiet and fortitude aga life remains better.