Sunday, April 26, 2009

Harvest techniques in palm oil

Period quoting the results are very exciting and be expected. It's saying, what you plant, it is also that you generate. Similarly in the oil palm plantation, after waiting more than 2,5-3 years, you will receive a harvest of fresh fruit bunches (FFB). Do not wrong, there are criteria harvest, so more or less like this: harvest criteria set for the high quality oil and the quantity of oil to the maximum.
To achieve this, factors such as factors determining the optimal ripe fruit, harvest rotation, how these units, and transporting the fruit to the factory must get major attention. High-quality oil is obtained from the fruit of the womb have a fatty acid-free, it is approximately 2.5 percent. When the oil palm fruit removed from bunches, free fatty acid contents can be increased with bulge 0.9 percent per day.
The issues that caused the decreasing quality of oil is as follows (this is a theory but must be implemented with both); bunches of cut fruit is too ripe; bunches of cut fruit not ripe; the fruit there are injured or disabled, it may be because: does not the heart careful when quoting, the heart does not collect hearts while fruit, enter/ loading fruit in a rough truck, fruit harvested was not processed directly to the factory (over 24 hours), the fruit mixed with dust and soil on the place of collection results.
Meanwhile, based on experience, is generally performed in the set criteria based on the number of mature fruit harvest is separated from bunches. Separated from the fruit bunches to prove that the fruit was ripe, which means that the formation of oil in the fruit has been completed. As a general criterion, it can be said that the hand "ripe harvest," when the “berondolan” fresh look at the main plate of fruit 2 3, for a number of alleged "berondolan" (oil palm fruits that have fallen).
Harvest early in the plant that is still done by using low dodos and escalate when the plant is not possible using the dodos, bamboo spear used in complete “egrek” on knife edges. How to harvest a lot of adults applied at palm this is the system bell. This collector system on the results (harvester) is given a shelf of land that will be harvested and each collector of some of the wicket. Shelf is a shelf so that it does not stay after the crop harvest is finished ago harvester random move to the next.