Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to make client

Now, a lot of tricks or how to make client. Not only the artist or the actor who apply its marketing strategy, professionals began doing promotional strategies, so that still exist in a competition that has globalized. There is a good way and bad way. Here's how the authors are doing, we as professionals in property valuer/values:

1) Promotional pricing like promotion rates in several ways such as a discount now or the future. This is done by improving the internal system toward efficiency. Such as cutting production costs that are not important so that it remains competitive

2) Maintaining its products with quality service and production with high quality in accordance with the code of ethics and professional standards that apply.

3) Doing marketing through the Internet, create a web site that friendly and doing marketing through Google adWords and help from SEO certified.

Well, that last one very effective way, in addition to rapidly bring visitors from around the world, of course, can also better known. There is a saying not known it is not loved, that we must promote ourselves or our products in an instant with a relatively small cost, want to try?

First step, make an account at or or web account provider, suggested at, with little consideration spam. Login in next .. do to adword.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Carefully before contract

In recent days, I'm pretty busy with work shift. Previously I was based in the home. In consideration of the proximity to downtown, I am willing to move.

I am looking for a suitable location in proximity to the city centre, looking for office space with appropriate size, condition of the building that is not too old, and other requirements, such as telephone and air conditioning.

When you're done all that, I negotiated the price, and approved. Personally, I need a relatively long time, approximately two weeks. Lease is approved, and payment in full.

I went into the office, eh it was office space. Still dirty, the walls should be painted; I have to make a partition. I calculate the cost of the repairs more or less, 30% from a year lease.

Now this is a personal experience, I hope in all things should be decided carefully and do not need to rush. So be carefully before contract.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Property agent's office must pay taxes

Property agent's office must pay taxes.  One day I received a nice envelope. There is a name / brand in the envelope. Without a name and address of the destination. Apparently an empty envelope. Any good as a letter envelope with no name and the address and no letters in it, for what? 

More recently the agency appeared brand new property, offering 100% commission for marketing the join. Property agent's office earn from renting tables, membership fees, selling marketing materials and training fee.

Is that easy to sell a brand? What features and benefits given to the consumer end of the property agent, the seller and the buyer's property. Would not an "empty envelope"? No clear target market, targeted customers, agents or service user's property from property agents.

Property agent that provides 100% commission to his agent, can not collect a commission on behalf of the company. Bills that can not be deposited into the company's account. When commission charges and payments related to the company accounts will arise VAT and Income Tax liabilities commission.

Tax regulations require that agencies collect property tax for his services. Property agents (as individuals) subject to progressive income tax are deducted directly from the commission. The obligation of the property agent's office to cut income tax 21. For property agents who have a personal NPWP taxable income will be cut before it is taxed. Business offices and professional property agent property agent is a business that exposed the bright and transparent. Advertisements, signs for sale (large), business cards, website and brochure display the name and the name of the agent's office. Brand, the name and phone number we were scattered everywhere. We are not a business "under ground". So pay taxes according to regulations. What does the world?

For property agents who are still "playing games" with his tax obligations, your activity on the market will bare your lies. For the council tax with a little effort so easy to find potential tax can still be unearthed. Like hunting at the zoo.

Regulation of trade ministers no. 33 th 2008, set up a business license for the property agent's office, called the SIU-P4 (Surat Ijin Usaha Perusahaan Perantara Perdagangan Properti/Real Estate Auction Company Permit) The deadline August 21, 2009 term. in the regulations mentioned requirements are joint marketing agreement property marketing services and property agents a commission of at least 2%. With the trade minister rules and regulations applicable taxes, property agent's office demanding to operate more professionally and transparently. Competition agencies are expected to increasingly healthy properties. Property agent service user, developer and seller and the buyer would benefit. Business property agent and property agents are also growing.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Campaign Team is very strategic

Campaign Team is very strategic 
Parliamentary elections held has been completed, the members of parliament from the party have been determined. Democracy has been running well, with some notes which should be corrected in the presidential election on July 8 2009. 

Vote will take place on 8 July 2009 simultaneously in all of Indonesia. In election times, the couple's three candidates for president and vice president who became this election participants, the Megawati Soekarnoputri-Prabowo Subianto, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono-Boediono, and Muhammad Jusuf Kalla, Wiranto will compete in democrat. 

In the campaign, the candidates do to campaign in each region in accordance with the targets / objectives that will be expected. Each candidate to give the concept and thought best, so that voters can be convinced to choose the candidate concerned. 

At the time of pull through / the concept of thought in this campaign, presidential candidate and vice president, the possibility of the occurrence of a tight competition. In this competition, often assume that the most well himself from the other competitors, may not occur. Things that other less profitable competitors, there is also likely occur. The Campaign Team is very strategic and necessary since the beginning of the campaign. 

The campaign team should be solid and give feedback and plan the best candidates to the President, so that when candidates are campaigning, they can remain consistent in the original concept and plan. 

If the candidate is not consistent and does not have a good plan, this could lead to new problems in the future, for example: 
1. Competitors or the shoulder can occur that are less healthy competition 
2. Promises that have not yet planned to be submitted with the candidate mature, so that at the time it will be a debt in the future. Or the promise is not a priority, in the case at the time the campaign has been in the submit, but not in a good planning. 
3. Society always remembers what has been promised in the presidential candidates, but they will ask for an appointment is in the future.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Investment prospects gas Charging Station

Exploration activities of oil and gas in Indonesia continue to run each year. Peak of the oil and gas exploration occurred in 2001 with the number of wells to reach 106 units. After a year, the oil and gas exploration wells with an amount of fluctuation recorded at the end of 2006 only 64 units.

Until the year 2007, Indonesia has oil reserves of 8.4 billion barrels, of which 3.99 billion barrels have (proven) and 4.41 billion barrels is still a potential backup. Most oil reserves are located in Sumatra Indonesia Central 4155.67 MMSTB, followed by East Java 954.26 MMSTB 

Indonesian natural gas production in 2007 is estimated BCF of 2522, declining 14.67% compared to production in 2006. During the years 2000 - 2007, Indonesian gas production trends tend to fluctuate. The development of Indonesian natural gas production has decreased an average of 1.8% per year. 

Indonesian natural gas consumption in 2007 is estimated to decrease 2.18% compared to 2006. During the years 2000 - 2006 Indonesian natural gas consumption shows the increasing trend, with an average increase of 0.16% per year. 

About 60% of Indonesian natural gas production processed back into natural gas liquid Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). In addition to LNG, Indonesia also produces Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), which is produced from petroleum refinery processes. Since 2000 until the year 2007 Indonesia LNG production is decreasing, with an average decrease of 3.65% or about 934,898 tons each year. 

Indonesian LNG exports in 2006 from the volume decrease of 3.41% compared to 2005. However, when viewed in terms of value, the amount increased by 13.73% from the previous year. Until April 2007, LNG exports have reached 629,543,330 MMBTU with a value of U.S. $ 5.5 billion. During the years 2000 - 2006, export volume of LNG that shows declining trend, with an average decrease of 2.63% per year, and increased 8.34% of the value each year. 

State export LNG from Indonesia is a product of Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Until the end of 2006, the 66.18% export LNG to Japan is Indonesia, followed by Korea at 20.53% and the rest is Taiwan. 

In addition to consumption in the country, the LPG produced by Pertamina by both factory and refinery gas are also exported to foreign countries. View based on its development in recent years, LPG export volume is quite large, although decreasing. As happened in 2006. Export of LPG in Australia is experiencing a significant decrease of 71.47% compared to 2005. 

During the years 2000 - 2006, export volume and value of LPG showed a trend to decline, with an average decrease of the respective 15.61% and 7.86% each year. 
Previous development of the export value of Indonesian LPG proportionate to the inverse of LPG export volume growth in the last few years was caused by the rupiah's exchange rate is very low, which caused the price increase in the average export LPG. Export price of LPG is very high that the government issued a policy on tariffs, export of LPG. To avoid the export take-off that is too high and maintain stability in the demand of LPG in the country, the government implement a policy to increase tariffs/export taxes. 

Overall in the last few years, this consumption of LPG in the country tends to increase. In 2006, LPG consumption of 989,751 tons recorded a drop of 2.16%. In general, the consumption of LPG in the country have increased an average of 0.84% per year. Oil and gas potential in Indonesia is still quite prospective to continue to be developed considering the many areas in Indonesia that have large reserves of oil and natural gas but can not entirely in the exploration.

Based on the data obtained in the Directorate General of Oil and Gas, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, in the year 2007, the government offers to the various parties, whether originating from within the country and from abroad to conduct exploration for more than 23 oil and gas blocks in the entire Indonesia. The location of oil and gas blocks offered by the government is as follows. 

Oil and gas industry in the land of water in the future will continue to be developed considering the dependence of high against the product. With national oil production, which continues to show declining trends, the consumption of fuel continues to increase each year must be transferred as soon as possible to use other energy sources is one of the LPG. 

With the kerosene conversion program to LPG which is currently being implemented by the government, the role of LPG in the future will be large, especially for fuel consumption of the household. 

Still lack the facilities and infrastructure that supports the conversion program, particularly Charging Station and Bulk Transportation Elpiji (CSBT), then this is a good enough opportunity for the private sector to infuse capital. Thus CSBT industry has bright prospects enough to continue to grow given the many areas in Indonesia that does not have CSBT conversion program to support the oil land.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Class office buildings in Jakarta

Class office buildings in Jakarta
The Central Business District Office Jakarta, Just as the location of offices in Asia in rarely, the location of offices in Jakarta can be distinguished in two categories, namely the market in the location of main office (primary location), some times we said with a Central Business District (CBD) office market and the location of the second (secondary location) or called the Non-Central Business District (Non-CBD). 

CBD location or area the triangle gold the three main corridor; Sudirman street, Thamrin street, HR Rasuna Said street and Gatot Subroto street. CBD location with a more than 300 ha, is a business centre in Jakarta which is mostly a big company headquarters, banks, property companies, and insurance, telecommunications both international and domestic. The most prominent characteristic of this area is concentration and intensity of business activity which is very high in the region. 

Criteria CBD office buildings 

In general, office buildings are grouped into three categories, namely class A, B, C. 

Class A 
Office buildings with a strategic location, a very good achievement. Building or use the latest advanced technology features modern with the best quality. In general, the building has good natural lighting, interesting, and the impressive lobby with the best quality finishing. Physical condition of the building exceeds the requirements requested in the rent price can compete with the price to rent a new office building. 

Class B 
The building is in a good location, physical condition and structure of the building meet the requirements of the requested, and only the function of decreasing the value of the rental price is below the price to rent a new office building. 

Class C 
Age of between 15 s / d 25 years who may not already meet the requirements of the building. Physically, the building is obsolete and starts decreasing the value of the function. Rental price is lower than the price of renting office class B. 

In determining the class office buildings, at least the required five (5) the minimum criteria as a basis of determining the class of building, namely; 
• Quality of location 
• Age structure of the building 
• Conditions physical structure of the building 
• Level the quality of facilities complements the building 
• Price to rent

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

democratic with competitive

Following political developments last presidential election, it seems quite exciting. Difficult to measure more carefully. Not to mention, the calculation determining the members vote on the House of Representatives, not on time. 

According to me, competition is enough to look spry and sprightly as introduce by the Golkar Party. In many ways that do, and also the Chairman of Golkarnya own, so that the Golkar Party's attention can remain in the community. 

Other parties also do with how each, in the calculation of the vote has not been completed. It seems political parties busy seize power. Impact arising from the competition President feels in the future. Population in Indonesia, most have not been able to learn much from the understanding of democracy. 

There are elements of a family that is still strong, among the different tribes. However, when the presidential election in the political style of Indonesia continue to be, we fear cracks may occur due to strong competition, so that the bottom of the community groups establish themselves. 

As is the case, PDIP and Golkar party with the other, through the leaders / head, trying to compete with the Democratic Party. Is the Democratic party is strong, so that should be considered in the upcoming Presidential Election? 

We wait together, a democratic with competitive