Thursday, May 21, 2009

Class office buildings in Jakarta

Class office buildings in Jakarta
The Central Business District Office Jakarta, Just as the location of offices in Asia in rarely, the location of offices in Jakarta can be distinguished in two categories, namely the market in the location of main office (primary location), some times we said with a Central Business District (CBD) office market and the location of the second (secondary location) or called the Non-Central Business District (Non-CBD). 

CBD location or area the triangle gold the three main corridor; Sudirman street, Thamrin street, HR Rasuna Said street and Gatot Subroto street. CBD location with a more than 300 ha, is a business centre in Jakarta which is mostly a big company headquarters, banks, property companies, and insurance, telecommunications both international and domestic. The most prominent characteristic of this area is concentration and intensity of business activity which is very high in the region. 

Criteria CBD office buildings 

In general, office buildings are grouped into three categories, namely class A, B, C. 

Class A 
Office buildings with a strategic location, a very good achievement. Building or use the latest advanced technology features modern with the best quality. In general, the building has good natural lighting, interesting, and the impressive lobby with the best quality finishing. Physical condition of the building exceeds the requirements requested in the rent price can compete with the price to rent a new office building. 

Class B 
The building is in a good location, physical condition and structure of the building meet the requirements of the requested, and only the function of decreasing the value of the rental price is below the price to rent a new office building. 

Class C 
Age of between 15 s / d 25 years who may not already meet the requirements of the building. Physically, the building is obsolete and starts decreasing the value of the function. Rental price is lower than the price of renting office class B. 

In determining the class office buildings, at least the required five (5) the minimum criteria as a basis of determining the class of building, namely; 
• Quality of location 
• Age structure of the building 
• Conditions physical structure of the building 
• Level the quality of facilities complements the building 
• Price to rent