Tuesday, May 5, 2009

democratic with competitive

Following political developments last presidential election, it seems quite exciting. Difficult to measure more carefully. Not to mention, the calculation determining the members vote on the House of Representatives, not on time. 

According to me, competition is enough to look spry and sprightly as introduce by the Golkar Party. In many ways that do, and also the Chairman of Golkarnya own, so that the Golkar Party's attention can remain in the community. 

Other parties also do with how each, in the calculation of the vote has not been completed. It seems political parties busy seize power. Impact arising from the competition President feels in the future. Population in Indonesia, most have not been able to learn much from the understanding of democracy. 

There are elements of a family that is still strong, among the different tribes. However, when the presidential election in the political style of Indonesia continue to be, we fear cracks may occur due to strong competition, so that the bottom of the community groups establish themselves. 

As is the case, PDIP and Golkar party with the other, through the leaders / head, trying to compete with the Democratic Party. Is the Democratic party is strong, so that should be considered in the upcoming Presidential Election? 

We wait together, a democratic with competitive