Thursday, September 17, 2009

Property agent's office must pay taxes

Property agent's office must pay taxes.  One day I received a nice envelope. There is a name / brand in the envelope. Without a name and address of the destination. Apparently an empty envelope. Any good as a letter envelope with no name and the address and no letters in it, for what? 

More recently the agency appeared brand new property, offering 100% commission for marketing the join. Property agent's office earn from renting tables, membership fees, selling marketing materials and training fee.

Is that easy to sell a brand? What features and benefits given to the consumer end of the property agent, the seller and the buyer's property. Would not an "empty envelope"? No clear target market, targeted customers, agents or service user's property from property agents.

Property agent that provides 100% commission to his agent, can not collect a commission on behalf of the company. Bills that can not be deposited into the company's account. When commission charges and payments related to the company accounts will arise VAT and Income Tax liabilities commission.

Tax regulations require that agencies collect property tax for his services. Property agents (as individuals) subject to progressive income tax are deducted directly from the commission. The obligation of the property agent's office to cut income tax 21. For property agents who have a personal NPWP taxable income will be cut before it is taxed. Business offices and professional property agent property agent is a business that exposed the bright and transparent. Advertisements, signs for sale (large), business cards, website and brochure display the name and the name of the agent's office. Brand, the name and phone number we were scattered everywhere. We are not a business "under ground". So pay taxes according to regulations. What does the world?

For property agents who are still "playing games" with his tax obligations, your activity on the market will bare your lies. For the council tax with a little effort so easy to find potential tax can still be unearthed. Like hunting at the zoo.

Regulation of trade ministers no. 33 th 2008, set up a business license for the property agent's office, called the SIU-P4 (Surat Ijin Usaha Perusahaan Perantara Perdagangan Properti/Real Estate Auction Company Permit) The deadline August 21, 2009 term. in the regulations mentioned requirements are joint marketing agreement property marketing services and property agents a commission of at least 2%. With the trade minister rules and regulations applicable taxes, property agent's office demanding to operate more professionally and transparently. Competition agencies are expected to increasingly healthy properties. Property agent service user, developer and seller and the buyer would benefit. Business property agent and property agents are also growing.