Saturday, October 24, 2009

Carefully before contract

In recent days, I'm pretty busy with work shift. Previously I was based in the home. In consideration of the proximity to downtown, I am willing to move.

I am looking for a suitable location in proximity to the city centre, looking for office space with appropriate size, condition of the building that is not too old, and other requirements, such as telephone and air conditioning.

When you're done all that, I negotiated the price, and approved. Personally, I need a relatively long time, approximately two weeks. Lease is approved, and payment in full.

I went into the office, eh it was office space. Still dirty, the walls should be painted; I have to make a partition. I calculate the cost of the repairs more or less, 30% from a year lease.

Now this is a personal experience, I hope in all things should be decided carefully and do not need to rush. So be carefully before contract.